Every so often, the media decides to run another story proclaiming the death of feminist spaces – or, even better, of feminism itself. But feminists still exist, get together, talk about things, share information, make plans, take action, ask questions, and undermine patriarchy and sexism every way we know how – just sometimes it looks different from the [fictitious] bra-burning days of yore. So where exactly IS feminism now? Is it really all online? What do the still-surviving feminist bookstores have to do with today’s world?

In 2008, your intrepid blogger Crabby is going across the country to find out a little more. I’ll be collecting oral histories about women’s bookstores – where they’ve been, where they’re at – while I blog about life as a young feminist in the internet age. While I’m on the road, this blog will function as something of a travelogue, and a place to share the insights of women who have been feminists for a lot longer than I’ve been alive. Until then, Crabgrass will be a feminist culture blog, updated every week or so.


Crabby is a 23-year-old dyke based in the San Francisco bay area, where she’s still in recovery from recently-escaped student life.  She always working on ways to be a more effective ally to trans communities and communities of color, and appreciates constructive suggestions on said pursuits. She’s also teaching herself how to grow herbs, and has been pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s a total no-brainer all of which she has recently killed off.

Reach Crabby at crabgrass.blog [at] gmail [dot] com.


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